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Are you one of the many adults who have been exercising to get rid of the extra baggage you have been lugging around your midsection? Maybe you can’t seem to lose those last few stubborn pounds? You may have looked into liposuction or another body contouring treatment, but found it to be too invasive or too expensive. There is a better solution! With the advancement in new, non-invasive technology, it is now easier than ever to conquer the core with Vanquish at Vigam Medical Spa & Laser.

  • No needles or anesthesia is required
  • Little risk of side effects
  • Treatments can be performed in less than an hour
  • No downtime between treatments 
  • Experience results as soon as the first few sessions

The breakthrough Vanquish technology will selectively heat stubborn cells just enough to allow for cell breakdown, transforming them into waste, which the body begins to naturally flush away and eliminate. This process provides total comfort to the patient and is ergonomically designed to ensure safety and results that can be seen in days, not weeks or months. Set up an appointment with Vigam Medical Spa & Laser now to feel slimmer and better than ever!