About Us

At Vigam Medical Spa & Laser, Dr Angela Uba and her staff are committed to providing excellent skin care in a welcoming and engaging environment. We uphold an atmosphere of professionalism and personal attention. We seek to make each patient experience unique by combining superior patient safety, high standards in treating dermatologic and cosmetic concerns. We strive to combine the best of the art of aesthetic medicine with latest advances in technology to formulate individual treatment plan to achieve a desired result.

We focus on educating our clients on maintaining health, wellness and beauty and to treat and prevent the signs of aging.

Angela I. Uba MD

Medical Director

Dr Angela I. Uba, owner and founder of Vigam Medical Spa & Laser, believes that the care of our face and body is crucial to its longevity. We have one life to live and so it is vital that we maintain that which is irreplaceable.

I am a family physician by profession with 30 years of clinical experience working among diverse populations. As a young girl, I grew up in a large city with lots of sun and humidity. I saw firsthand the skin damages attributed to direct sun exposure. It was evident the damages that smoking caused the skin to age prematurely and how dehydration affected the skin health.

Over the subsequent years I learned how certain chemicals in facial products damaged people’s skin and what difference good nutrition, adequate rest, sleep and hydration can make for a healthy skin.

Let us face reality. Undoubtedly, we live in world that can cause us a great degree of stress from work, family and environment. Our emotional health also affects the health of our skin.

I believe in creating a balance in our lives regardless of what ever life throws at us. I am very passionate about my career as a physician and this new path of skin care for my clients.

Our clientele can always rely on us to receive proper and valuable service and education about their body. Our office is calm and inviting. The staff are great!